About Firm

Since establishment in 2007, Arlikan Pillars has been famous for its excellence, quality, responsibility and commitment. Our commitment to the highest quality within the set time schedules has been our way towards success, growth, and reliability. During the past 3 years, Arlikan Pillars has acquired such remarkable positioning in a very short time and in several directions.


As we are a part from the Egyptian market, we are always looking forward for more achievements; thus, Arlikan Pillars is currently planning to expand its presence and sustain its operations across Africa, MENA region and above. Moreover, Arlikan Pillars is best known for its diversity of operations and services, as we carry out projects in different sectors such as Industrial projects, Commercial projects, Educational Facilities, Oil & Gas services, Special Buildings, Strengthening, Repair, Interiors and Wooden Works …. etc.

We established sustainable long-term relationships with our clients and were able to win their trust and loyalty. We became one from the best choices for most of our clients when it comes to selecting a one-stop-shop for their projects.

Being a customer-focused contractor, Arlikan Pillars believes that clients’ satisfaction is its priority and secret to success. In addition, we pay special attention to our clients’ needs in order to fulfill them through meeting highest standards of quality, conforming to requirements, preventing errors and exceeding expectations. We strongly believe that our key to success is represented in our clients’ satisfaction, being environmentally friendly, as well as acting responsibly and safely towards our world.


To keep being one of the selected general contracting companies when it comes to “Who is the most professional, efficient, responsible and committed turn key contractor could do this project within the set time schedule”.


“We, In Arlikan Pillars are committed to deliver quality and value-added construction and consultancy services while working in an ethical as well as balanced manner to earn the privilege of being the General Contractor of choice and build trust based on the partnership with our clients. We will accomplish this through our witty, attentive and highly qualified employees who proving day by day that our clients’ satisfaction is their only aim.